What is a RSS Feed?

What is a RSS Feed?

What is a RSS Feed?

In case you aren’t certain what exactly an RSS feed is, the best way Make Money Blogging by Offering Hot Deals from Deal Dash to use one and what the benefits of using RSS feeds are, this informative article is designed for you. So what is an RSS feed? Permit me to break it down as elementary as feasible for you.

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The term RSS is an acronym for “Real Simple Syndication” and people use “RSS feeds” to share and also assemble, plus gather information and facts all through the Internet.

Once you have content on your website to blog about. You will need to constantly update your WordPress blog. You can can actually setup an RSS feed for the information(s) that you send out.

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The concept of a RSS Feed is to get online subscribers to your RSS Feed Channel. You will be better positioned to receive your current updates via a “RSS feed reader”. I know this may sound confusing doesn’t it?

Let us take a walk and proceed further into describing ‘What is a RSS Feed’ more clearly.

I know you have seen they symbolic orange and white square on other websites and blog.


Make Money Blogging and Learn What is a RSS Feed

The Legendary Super Iconic RSS Feed

The bright orange square represents the iconic RSS Feed. You may have seen this icon scattered around the internet. Have you noticed thes ymbol.  Well, you can simply click this little orange square to “Subscribe” to my RSS feed.

Whenever you subscribe to a feed, you will be able to forward the RSS Feed link to your “RSS Feed Reader”.

In which sometimes is generally referred to as “RSS Feed Aggregator”, “Feed Reader”, “News Reader” or simply “Aggregator”. These kinds of readers are free. It is a software, which aggregate syndicated web-contents comprising of podcasts, blogs and news flash reports all in one location so that you can quite easily view them.


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I presently make use of the Google Reader. It enables me to capture a blogs content easily. The News Reader retrieves fresh posts and content from the website or WordPress blog that I subscribed to. The RSS Feed Reader also Let me select which post to click on. I can even read through the articles one at a time or simply just scan the articles quickly.

Usually, I am interested in various topics. Considering the fact that my job involves round the World Wide Web. One RSS Feed I like to subscribe to is “Business News”. I keep myself updated by reading through numerous blogs on a daily basis. Nevertheless, I primarily go through the articles that are of immense relevance to my specialized niche.

Before RSS feeds were easily available, it took several hours per day to stay informed about various industry reports. These days, I am able to receive all of my valuable information a lot more promptly thus ignoring the information that I don’t really want.

As a website or blog operator, how can having an RSS feed assist you? Certainly, for anyone who is aiming to drive traffic to your website through the use of content akin to new articles and posts, having an RSS feed available of your new items for your website visitors to sign up to, will certainly make life a lot easier for them (as clearly explained above).

Additionally you can set RSS feeds from relevant sector websites directly on your website or blog which in essence allows you to furnish your visitors with a lot more valuable information.

If you are using a blog application, you can place an RSS feed subscription button on your website. If you wish to create an RSS feed from your site contents, most likely your articles section, you can certainly generate one and simply incorporate a snippet of code to your website or blog to get going. The majority of them provide complete instructions and tutorials you need.

In summary, if you’re not making use of RSS (Real Simple Syndication), it’s time you get on board. Time like they always say is money.

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