Free WordPress Themes

There are thousands of Free WordPress Themes that you can download for free. Try running a search on Google. Mojo Download Free WordPress Themes

You will find thousands of search results. The listings from the Google search results will can possibly make your head spin, because you want to find the perfect WordPress theme.

Although, do not despair. I know you don’t want to download an ugly WordPress theme either. Downloading an ugly or poor quality WordPress them will makes your readers hate you, and it can no doubt cause their eyes to water from staring at your website for too long.

Let’s face it – There are quality free WordPress Themes out there, and then you have the crappy WordPress themes.

If this is your first stop to my website. I want to congratulate you for finding my blog. I am an avid internet blogger who loves to find free things over the internet. Heck, we all have heard the term ‘The Best Things in Life or Free’.

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However, like most things, there is always that one catch that makes you stop and turn you head and say ‘what the what’. I love finding free WordPress Themes, but one of the side effects of downloading a free WordPress theme off the internet. Sometimes, you may get a free WordPress theme that is poorly written code, poor customer support, malicious code injections which causes your website to redirect elsewhere. These are just a few of the risks you will have to take.

Free WordPress Themes

I like Free WordPress Themes, because I don’t have to shell any money out of my pockets. If one theme does not work out for me, then I uninstall it and try another one. The reason Free WordPress Themes exists is quite often the designer of the theme, likes to make a name for him or herself. It is a good way to increase their design portfolio. Otherwise, developers create WordPress themes for a hobby and they like to share their creative works with the rest of the world.

If you are brand new to the WordPress Blogging world. I can tell you a great place to look for Free WordPress Themes is start at: has over 1,200 themes you can select from. If you can not find a theme for your WordPress site there, then stick around and I will share a few WordPress themes from my secret collection.

Catch Kathmandu

Download Free WordPress Theme Catch Kathmandu

The new CK responsive theme makes its first debut to web design. Charming and simple to use. CK Themes has come up with a full-fledged Corporate/Blog premium WordPress theme, Catch Kathmandu! The design is easy on the eyes. You can modify the theme with a few easy clicks. Your visitors will love!
Download Free WordPress Theme Catch Kathmandu