What is POP3 Email

What is POP3 Email…

What does POP3 stands for? POP3 stands for for post office protocol. Post office protocol allows the email to go directly to your web hosting mail server. Once your emails hit your local web hosting mail server. The web mail server will retain the email on its’ server, until it is directly downloaded to an external device.

The Advantages of using POP3 Email…
Typically, most web users will configure their email client for POP3 downloads. The advantage of using pop3 email setting is that, if you are always checking your email at one location, such as your home or business, then you may want to use pop3.

However, If you check your email using POP3, POP3 will download all the emails from your web server and store it on the first device that you open. Once these emails are stored on your local machine. They no longer appear on your email server.

The Disadvantages of using POP3 Email…

The disadvantage of using POP3 Email is that once all your emails are removed from the mail server. When you check your email. The emails are downloaded to the first local machine you open. Therefore, all the emails are downloaded to that one device.

If you are away from your computer, and you want to retrieve your email, it would be somewhat hard to gain access to your computer, because all your emails are on that one computer. To access those emails that are now downloaded on your computer. You would need to know how to remotely connect to your home device, to retrieve those emails.

Another disadvantage of using POP3, would be that, if your machine crashes, then there is no other way to retrieve your emails. Unfortunately, you would have had to save and download a copy of your emails to an external device.

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