How to connect to POP3

How to Connect To a POP3 Account…

To connect to a pop3 account. You will need the following information.

Host/Server (SMTP) Name:
Email Address:

Incoming Mail Server
Outgoing Mail Server

Incoming Mail Server Port Number
Outgoing Mail Server Port Number

If you do not have the following information, you may want to contact your web hosting administrator or Internet Service (ISP) Provider. After you obtain this information, You may want to consider, what software you want to use, to read and check your emails with.

Most web users like to use third party software such as: Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Outlook Express, or a Windows Mail application to read their email on.

To setup your email software on your machine, make sure you have a reliable internet connection. Your email client will need to configured as follows:

1. Create an Account
2. Enter Your Name

3. Enter Your Email address (Typically, the email address is: )

4. Enter the password, that you created for the email address:

5. Host/Server (SMTP) Name:

6. Incoming Mail Server Name:
7. Incoming Mail Port Number: 110

8. Outgoing Mail Server Name:
9. Outgoing Mail Server Port Number: 25 or 26

The above settings, that I mentioned, should allow you to connect via POP3 settings, using any email client.