Create a New Document

How To Create a New Document in Macromedia Adobe Fireworks

You can create stunning new graphics in Adobe Fireworks. A Fireworks document is called a Canvas. A canvas is an area in which you can display your creativity on. For example: A Painter Paints on a Canvas. When he is done with his masterpiece it is called a portrait.

This is basically the same concept with Adobe Fireworks. You first have to start out with a blank canvas. Then you can create your stunning masterpieces of graphic artwork.

To get started you want to make sure that you have downloaded Macromedia Adobe Fireworks. Make sure that the application is open and you are ready to get started with your first piece of art.

Step #1
Click on the menu bar called File.

Step #2
Select Create New File

Step #3
You are done! Congratulations that’s it!

Watch my next video tutorial. I am going to show you what settings to configure the size, and width before you can fully start drawing or designing on your new canvas. If you are having trouble with this step. I have included an instructional video for you to follow. If you are like me. You need visual aids to help you follow along. Here is the instructional video below. Enjoy!

How to Create a New Document in Macromedia Adobe Fireworks.