Rename Layer in Photoshop

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Hello everyone and welcome to my next video lesson. In today’s video lesson I’m going to show you how to rename layers. The reason why we want to rename a layer is because as you begin to add layers on top of layers, your design will become complex and you need to be able to keep up with what is it on each layer. This is another basic Photoshop tutorial so let’s get started.

1. Make sure you already have your image on the Photoshop screen.

2. If you open the Layers panel on the lower right part of the Photoshop, you can see we have a background layer and you have Layer 1.

3. In order to rename a layer, select Layer 1, if you double click on the text with your mouse, the Layer text will open and it will highlight Layer 1 and allow you to rename it. I’m going to rename my Layer 1 to just “Car” because I know I have an image of a car on Layer 1.

4. After you have renamed Layer 1, just press Enter or just click on the outside of the layer box.

So that’s how you rename a layer. It’s very simple, very easy. As we start to design, we will start to rename our layers. Thanks for watching this tutorial. The next tutorial I’m going to show you how to duplicate a layer or to duplicate an image. This video is brought to you by Thank you for watching, take care!