How to Transfer files from PC to the Web

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Hello everyone and welcome to my next video lesson. In today’s video I’m going to show you how to transfer files from your computer to the internet using the FTP client and FileZilla.

1. Make sure you have an FTP client in your computer and check out my video lesson #1 about how to connect using FileZilla. Basically all FTP programs should have the same concepts in file transfer system.

2. Have your FTP file opened. I’m using FileZilla. Make sure you are on the left window and click on the folder that you want to upload on the internet. Make sure you click the right folder.

3. Right-click on the folder so that a drop down menu appears. Click on the menu that says Upload. You will see upload progress on the bottom window of your screen. You can also see the number of queued files and files that are successfully uploaded or transferred.

4. When you finish uploading, you will see the Queued Files number goes to zero (0) and the Successful Transfers shows the number of all files uploaded.

5. Another way to check is to go to your website and see if you can find the files that you have just uploaded.

That’s how you transfer files from your computer to the internet using FTP client and FileZilla. If you like my video, please subscribe or drop me an e-mail. This video is brought to you by Thanks for watching, you guys take care and have a wonderful day.