How to Create/Add New Layers in Photoshop

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Hi guys, thanks for tuning in to my Photoshop Basics video lesson. This time I want to show how to create and add new layers using Photoshop CS4. Layers in a Photoshop image are like toppings on a pizza so when you design something, you keep adding layers until the image is finished. That’s how a Photoshop design is. Let’s get started.

1. Make sure you already have a canvas open in Photoshop. Get familiarized with icons in Photoshop and find the Layer icon that looks like two pieces of paper, stacked on top of each other.

2. Click on it and a Layers Panel will appear. You will have a background layer already in your panel.

3. Look at the bottom icons. Find the icon that looks like a piece of paper. Hover your mouse over it and it should have a “Create a New Layer” text that appears.

4. Click on it and Layer 1 will appear in your Layers panel. You may not see it in your workspace but it is there. If you click it again, you now will have Layer 2. You can click the paper icon several times to create several layers just to familiarize with it.

5. Another way you can add layer is to go to the Menu Bar and click Layer> New> Layer. A new window will pop open. Press Ok.

6. Another way to add a layer is to press Ctrl+Shift+N keys on your keyboard. The same pop-up window will open. Press Ok.

That’s how you add layers in Photoshop. Try to add layers several times using different methods just to familiarize and make you comfortable with adding layers in Photoshop. Thanks for watching, have a great day, and check out my next video lesson about how to delete layers.