How to backup your file using FTP

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Hello everyone and welcome to my next video lesson. In today’s basic FTP tutorial I’m going to show you how to backup your website files to your external device or computer using FTP FileZilla. So let’s get started.

1. Open the application, connect and log in to FileZilla.

2. Prepare a folder in your local site/ computer that is called Backup. To do this, right click on the white area of your screen. A pop-up window will appear. Select Create Directory and type Backups. Press Enter and press F5 to refresh your screen.

3. Click the Backups folder.

4. On the right screen, you have to log in to your website. I have a folder named Site for my website files. If you do not have such folder, you might want to create one and save your website files there.

5. Select the file you want to backup> Right Click> choose Download. The file will be downloaded to your computer or external device.

6. If you have seen the file or folder on the left screen, you know that the download process is finished.

So that’s how you backup website files in your computer or external device. If you like my video lessons, please subscribe, comment, or send me an e-mail. This video is brought to you by Stay tuned for my next basic FTP video lessons. Thanks for watching and you guys have a wonderful day.