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Basics: Learn How to Use Camtasia: Adding a Title Clip

In this video, I will show you how to add a title clip in your video using Camtasia Studio 7.

There are two ways you can add a title on a video using Camtasia Studio 7. You can either use your own image file or use a preset title clip offered by Camtasia. Here’s how to add a title clip on a video using Camtasia Studio 7.

1) Prepare your workspace. Make sure you open a Camtasia Studio 7 window on your computer screen.

2) Import a video file. Import your video to Camtasia Studio 7 window. To do this, click on Import> locate your video clip> click Ok. You know your video has been successfully imported if you can see your video file in the Clip Bin.

3) Choose a title clip file. To add a title screen, click on More> Title Clip> Choose your file or click on Library to choose a preset title. Unless you want to use a particular image you have, it is easier to use the preset title clip available at Camtasia library.

4) Add a title clip. Click and drag the title clip file to the Video Timeline and drop it. You know the title clip is successfully acknowledged by Camtasia when you see the Preview Window on the right displays the title screen.

5) Edit the title. To do this, right click on the title file on the Video Timeline> choose Edit Title Clip. Edit the title on the upper left window. You can change the title text using different fonts, font size, and color options.

6) Add your video. The next step is to add your video file after the title. Go back to Clip Bin, click on your video, drag to the Video Timeline right after the title clip and release. Try playing the video to see that it works using the play button just below the preview window.

Follow the instructions to know how to add a title clip using Camtasia Studio 7. Check out other videos by Del and if you like what you’ve seen, please subscribe 🙂 !