Create New Document in Adobe Fireworks

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Hello everyone and welcome to my next video lesson. Today I’m going to show you the basic of Macromedia Fireworks MX 4, specifically how to create a new document in Fireworks MX 4. Macromedia Fireworks is almost similar to Adobe Photoshop.

The difference is that the first is a little bit easier to use and has fewer features compared to the latter. Hence, I learned to use Fireworks before I can use Photoshop. It is important for any web graphic designer to be able to use Macromedia Fireworks MX 4 for their design purposes.

To create a new document in Fireworks, one just needs to click on the File button on the toolbar on the upper left part of their computer monitor. You should click File> New or you can type CTRL+N and a New Document dialog box will open.

1. Click FILE > NEW or type CTRL+N on your keyboard

2. Click OK

There are options to change the width, height and resolution in your new document as well as three canvas color options: White, Transparent and Custom. Once you see the dialog box opens, click OK. The new blank document will appear on your work space. That’s how you create a new document in Fireworks. Thanks for watching!