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Need Website Traffic

More Power More Income Instant Traffic

More Power More Income Instant Traffic

More Power More Income Instant Traffic

Turn Your Passion into Traffic

Every website and blog owner should Download The Ultimate Guide to Online Prosperity be looking at ways to increase their web traffic. From web starters to professional web gurus, the more traffic you can get to your blog. The more authoritative your website becomes.

I wrote a previous article on Google Authoritative Blogs. Perhaps, you should read this particular blog post soon, so you can get a general idea how to make your blog a Google Authoritative Blog. 

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Today, I am going to give you a heads up about a website that may or may not sound familiar to you. There is a website called: Chitika. Chitika traffic is better, because you can earn a great amount of revenue for your money making blog.

Here at Miraje Studios we like to help and build others to a create successful website. We find opportunities  in which will increase your traffic.

Are you ready to get started?

On your mark… Get Set… Ready! Go!

If you follow some of my helpful tips from my MirajeStudios Make Money Blogging with WordPress. You will soon see an increase in your web traffic. Every little of  web traffic helps.  I will mention this one little secret.

  1. More Power. The more knowledge you learn.
  2. More Income. Name me one person, who wouldn’t want to earn extra money.
  3. Instant Traffic. Trust me, little traffic or lots of traffic is the key to a blogs survival.

You may have heard the more your blog is seen over the internet, the more likely someone will want to participate in what you are offering.

Did you know that Social Media is your best friend?

We all know that sharing on different social media network site is an essential part of SEO. However, you can do a little bit more than just creating a #TWEET.  You can use hash tags, and searches which is a great start. I would encourage that you find similar niches and take interest in conversations, write content or even try to engage in a topic you find of interest.

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Website Design Ideas are GOOD!

Your website should be easy to navigate and user friendly.  A visitor should not have to jump around from post to post to find what they are looking for. It would be wise to have a search box on the website so they can quickly type in the subject they are wanting to know more about.

If you take a moment to really look at my website. You will find that I have a search box embedded in my blog. You can enter any topic in the search box. The search box will search the entire website in less than a few seconds. Once the search box find the information, it will display a list of topics for you to select from.

I have added a photo for reference. I do understand this maybe your first time to my blog and what I teach here is the BASICS of How to Create Successful Websites.

Use the Miraje Studios Search Box to Find More Power More Income Instant Traffic
Use the Miraje Studios Search Box to Find More Power More Income Instant Traffic

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Let us Understand the BASICS of SEO

Don’t be afraid to learn SEO?  You want to use SEO to your advantage. You must learn the essentials of keyword research.  How beneficial it is for back links. Last but not least make sure the content and information on your website is unique and original.  Learn more details here on Understanding the Basics of SEO.

Post content regularly

I must admit that I don’t always following this rule. However, my philosophy for now is that “SOME Posts or better than NO POSTS at all“. Your blog start to accumulate loyal readers. It is a good habit to post on regular intervals to your blog. If you are not able to post 7 days a week to your blog. Try at least post every 3 days or once a week is sufficient.

The readers that come to your site is looking to learn new things. Not posting anything at all, to your website will create the image that you are not serious blogger.

Become a Well-Known Guest blogger

Did you know that Guest Blogging is a great way to sent loads of traffic to your blog.  This will allow to you reach a whole new audience. The traffic you will get in return will be from someone else’s blog.

Build an Email list with “Aweber

Aweber allows you begin your email list immediately.  You want to create opt-in lists or newsletter lists, so that you can gather emails from your readers. This is a good way to t communicate with your loyal readers by emails, promotions or giveaways. Also, it is good to remind your readers that they have not visited your website in a while.

Use Google Analytics for reporting Traffic

Get to know the traffic you already have. In this way, it will help you to build instant traffic, in the future. Google Analytics is a free program. It is a simple tool you can use to understand which sources help bring more traffic, and from where.

Refer back to your own posts

Your new instant traffic may have come across a post and not be aware of the rest of your website. Take the opportunity to build links to other posts from your site. This will allow you to build more rapport and your readers will stay longer on the website.

The more traffic you receive to your website the more opportunity you have for your readers to engage in your ads. More traffic should increase your revenue and allow your Chitika report to improve immensely.

Hope you enjoyed reading my article on More Power More Income Instant Traffic be sure to sign up for our latest newsletters and never miss an update!

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