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Use Reddit for Social Marketing Purposes

Use Reddit for Social Marketing Purposes

Use Reddit for Social Marketing Purposes

With a plethora of social news websites like Facebook, social Accept Credit Cards for your Businessapps on Google PlayStore, and independent developers creating social gaming apps for niche market, we have seen the competition to draw users to specific sites and apps is becoming stiffer. For online business owners, this means the war to gain targeted traffic has begun.

Unlike in the conventional marketplace where women have the upper hand to make buying decisions, in the online marketplace filled with social news websites and online shops, men are almost equal to women in terms of decision-making. Pew Research revealed that in 2013, 73% of adults with access to the internet use social networking sites.

The internet helps make people have equal opportunities regardless of their annual income, gender, ethnicity, or education background. It also helps give small businesses a fighting chance against the industry giants. Among all these social news sites on the internet, Reddit has 114.5 million monthly unique visitors as of July 2014. So what is Reddit and how it can benefit your business?

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Why Reddit?

  • Reddit is read by over 114 million visitors and almost 3 million logged in independent editors in 190 countries. As of 2012, over 60% of the users are male; more than half were of an age range between 18 and 34 years old with some sort of college education.
  • There are over 6,952 active communities called subreddits, which are powered by individuals submitting and uploading unique content.
  • Reddit allows for a greater independence in terms of content and ways to manage the community. It allows users to become admins and communities can have their own team of moderators.
  • Reddit is one of the few social sites that are successful in creating user-initiated impacts in the society. You can draw massive traffic to your website or do a successful market research if you can tap on the Reddit community in a proper and appropriate way.

The Story of Reddit

Created by two graduates of the University of Virginia, Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman, Reddit was launched in 2005 and quickly drew investor’s attention. The social news website allows users to display news according to personal preferences through user-generated votes. Reddit enables users to vote stories so that news which is deemed important by the community will be displayed on top. Reddit was acquired by Conde Nast in 2006 and was eventually sold to its parent company Advanced Publications in 2011.


Since more people are seeing Google, Facebook, and YouTube ads as an expensive and less effective form of online business marketing method, they begin to chart new territories. Reddit is a social news site that attracts attention of business marketing experts. A possible explanation for this is because the Reddit users are unique individuals with individual votes and a sense of community. Each redditor has the power to influence others and becomes opinion-maker. Their subreddit moderators consist of loyal volunteers, approved by everyone in the community.

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However, because Reddit users are also aware that businesses may target them for business marketing campaign, it can be difficult to find the right approach. A wrong move can make your indirect marketing campaign to backfire. Therefore, not many business marketing professionals dare to tap on Reddit’s communities’ opinions. Nonetheless, it is not an impossible task to tackle. Once you know how things are done at Reddit, you may want to stop spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on paid ads and use honest redditors’ opinion to help improve your products and services.

Many Ways to Use Reddit for Business

  1. Use Reddit to Do a Market Research.

Because it is powered by independent users who are sensitive to marketing scams and related targeted ads from giant corporations, you are guaranteed to find honest answers from real people in the Reddit community. To do a market research, you can go to subreddit of your product category and see the most common problems people face related to similar products on the market. Monitor the community to see how people use similar products and how you can improve their user experience.

  1. Use Reddit to Develop an Existing Product.

You have a product to sell that has not sold fast? Ask people how they feel about the product. Ask which product they use for a particular task. Ask why they make the decision to buy a product and which product backs its merchandise with the friendliest or most professional customer service. This way, you can see how people make decisions related to a product and how you can improve your products. Just be cautious, do not to bring your company’s brand name and get ready to read comments which can be brutally honest at times.

  1. Use Reddit to Create Engagement with Consumers.

Reddit has AMA (Ask Me Anything) feature in which user can create a forum question and others are free to ask, comment, or submit their solutions. This is a fantastic tool to help create engagement with your target audience. Just remember to keep your comments or answers honest instead of sales-y.

Creating content about a new toy or an innovative diet food product on Facebook might not garner a lot of attention from friends and relatives. Most of your circles are following your account because they know you instead of being truly interested in the items you sell. In Reddit, you can go to the subreddit that focus on your category where your products will be seen by like-minded people. Hence, you have a greater chance to engage with like-minded people who are your potential customers.

With so many activities related to marketing and advertising campaigns that you can do using Reddit, there is no reason not to start creating an account and use the social news website for business marketing purposes.

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