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How to make money with a website?

Instant Rewards Network The Real Deal

Instant Rewards Network The Real Deal

You may be curious. I hope you are 25 Percent off coupon hostgatorlike me. I have really been doing some soul searching on how to increase both my personal and business income over the past few years.

I can honestly say it is all about trial and era. I recently ran across a website know as as:  INSTANT REWARDS. Most of you are probably wondering if it is the REAL DEAL or if they are a Bogus Fly By Night Company?


Here is my review. There are a lot of people who are looking for way to make money online. It is my personal opinion that a program like this system can help you achieve the monetary rewards you desire.

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I actually received an invite from a personal friend, who actually making money from the program. In my review I will call her Mary. Mary would be all enthusiastic about her new found way of making income. She mentioned to me that it was a way for her to stay at home with her two little children. She wanted the extra money to help pay for the extra things she needed around the house.


So, Tell Me… What Is Instant Rewards Network?

I was a little confused at first when she sent me an email with a SIGNUP LINK to click on. Mary went on to say that it was pretty easy to get started. Instant Rewards Network is a CPA company and all it requires was four simple steps.


Complete the 4 Basic “Steps” To “Qualify”

1. Choose Your Prize Level
2. Enter Your Email Address
3. Complete 1 Offer from any Merchant
4. Refer a Friend.
5. Done


Now, the more friends you know. Ask them to sign up. It is easy. You don’t have to promote any of the services offered by the Merchant. Here is a small list of some of the participating Merchants: Netflix, Game Stop, Walmart, Free Credit Score and etc. You select and sign up with one merchant and that’s all you have to do.

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The overall goal is to earn as much credits as you can, and get paid. As a precaution, some of the offers are free and there are a few which are paid or trial period offers. Be sure to read the offer description. I typically look for offers that ask or for a small fee.

You may not want to get too excited too quickly. If you do sign up for the small trial offer, be sure to cancel so that you want incur a recurring bill. To become ACTIVATED you must at least wait for 5 to 7 days before cancelling. However, be sure to ready when the trial period ends. Unless, you really like the service, then of course I’d suggest you keep it. As far myself, I really like Netflix, so therefore I decided to keep the service.

How To Make Money and Market

You can make money by getting people to click on your personal referral link to your social network. I like to use social networks like Facebook and Twitter. If you don’t have any of these accounts, do not worry. You can try your friends in your email address book.

Is Instant Rewards Network Really Bogus?

It depends on you. If you are a employee or representative of in Instant Rewards Network, you might be GUN HO and adamantly defend the reward system until you are red in the face. Most likely, you are like me (an average Jan Smith). I am a very curious and adventures person, when it comes to making money. You might try and test the waters and see how well it works for you. I’m sure there are those that may not think they’re legit, but Instant Rewards Network does pay out via a PayPal Account. No Joke!

My Final Honest Thoughts

I am 100% for the company. You can make some cold hard cash money fast with the program. My friend Mary made $200 per day! She has the gift of gab and she loves talking to people. As far myself, I’ve only been in the program a few weeks and decided to write my findings as I journey through this new small business venture.

I honestly, don’t think I can make thousands of dollars as of yet. It really depends on your patience and how much time you have on your hands. I have an active social life and being a Web Designer by day keeps me pretty busy and away from my blog.

I know its been a while since, my last article, but I will continue to post my results and profits from Instant Rewards Network. I wish you well with your new success!

Feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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