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Wow your readers with a Google Authorship WordPress Blog

Wow your readers with a Google Authorship WordPress Blog

Wow your readers with a Google Authorship WordPress Blog

Would you like to be distinguished and celebrated for all the hard MirajeStudios Earn Money taking Surveyswork put into writing those exceptional articles of yours? Wouldn’t it bring you so much pleasure and satisfaction if all your hard work can be found in one place rather than being scattered ubiquitously on the internet? Do people or Google know of a fact that you are the author of articles being published online?

In order to build a reputation for yourself and get the most credit for your works, there is need to add Google author tags. Simply put, Google author tag is a connection between the website content of an author and their Google Plus profile.

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One of the ways of creating Google author tags stick is to link your website or blog to your Google Plus account. By so doing, it will help Google recognize the author of the contents and ensures it is properly acknowledged. Once you’ve successfully created your Google author tag, it can help increase drastically the display of your contents in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

All that is needed is to add some basic HTML code that will represent your Google author tag.If you decide to add a Google author tag, it is very easy thing to do.

First you must setup a Google Plus account. Ensure you put down a lot of useful information as possible as this will make readers want to see more of your works.

I have put an example here of two Google Author Tags.

Google Author Tag Del Smith

The image above and below that is diplayed in this account plays an important role because it actually tells readers what the author looks like and it must be able to pass your messages across. With Google author tags, readers will be opportune to see all the articles you’ve actually written and also make your works stand out in various Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Google Arthur Tab MirajeStudios Dot COM

After you must have set up a profile, then you need to create your contributor link. You’ll see the “contributor to” section when you scroll down to the bottom of the “Edit profile” interface. You will have to type your blog link with a specific keyword that best describe your blog. If your Google author tag is working perfectly, it will make readers have quick and easy access to other articles you’ve written. Users will be retained due to the increase in the exposure of your works and your reputation will know no bounds.

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With the creation of the Google author tags which comes with value added and relevant features to search results, there is a guarantee that internet users will be stimulated to make use of these links. People will tend to click more on links that have the profiles and images of authors than those that have none. This will bring about an increase in your Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and place you higher in SERP.

Hope you enjoyed reading “Wow your readers with Wow your readers with a Google Authorship WordPress Blog“.

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