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Small Downfalls of Trying to Build Business Credit

The Downfall of Trying to Build Business Credit

As you all know, I often times run into several situations, that make you take a step back. Today, is one of the moments. I have been absent for sometime, because I am managing multiple business’s and it has sort of taken me away from my blog. So my quest in the real world is to obtain Business Credit.

Business Credit is a new topic in which I haven’t really talked about here yet. You will see more information in the future about the subject.I don’t like to leave negative reviews! I am a business owner that likes positive experiences. I am not happy that I have to write this. So here is my first and actual real hand experience with a company know as

The lady was representative at MYMOLINE, which I will not name at this time. Would not allow me to cancel the Credit Building Program service that I signed up for.

Makes me feel really bad I had to leave a negative review, for their company. Although, I have not had the time to used the program. Not sure if I will have time for it. An oversight on my part, (shame on me) that the fine print will hit you with hidden MISC fees, if you cancel.

However, it was a mistake on my part not reading closely at the terms and conditions. (In which I normally pay attention to). I am somewhat relieved I was able change the due date of my invoices. This is why I am giving 2 stars for now. I disliked that I have signed up for a service, spending $240 dollars on information, that I am not going to use, and I don’t need at this time.

I understand there are people that want things free and not willing to pay for it. I don’t mind paying for things that I want or owe, but when something becomes unnecessary, you should not have to keep it. If I could give the program/information back. I would. At any rate. I am not the one to recommend you to others.I can’t wait until the agreement expires. I dislike contracts that lock you in a service, you no longer need! ~not happy customer~