Protect Your Web Business From Spam and Phishing

Protect Your Web Business From Spam and Phishing

Protect Your Web Business From Spam and Phishing

Internet phishing is a worldwide problem. Anyone and everyone Protect and Remember Passwords Safelywho uses the web is affected. It is crucial that you understand what phishing is, and how you can take preventative measures against such actions.

How You Can Avoid from Being A Victim of Phishing

Tip #1
You want to make sure that you never give out your personal information to a website that you are not familiar with. Often, times if the site is phishing for your information. It may ask you to enter your password or account numbers. If a website asks you for this information, you may want to be leery of disclosing this information. Real companies will never ask you to input your personal account number to view their products for free.

Tip #2
Verify that the domain has a real business email address, and a domain name. Example:

If you see that the website somehow directs improperly to an external web address. Such as: directs to You may want to exit the screen right away. Typically the official site will always keep the same domain in the web address bar. The real domain will never direct you to a misspelled version of their name.

Tip #3
It is good practice to report any usual requests to the owner of the original site. To verify if the site is legit. Look for contact numbers, business address, and a good resource to check to see how long the company has been established on the web is: This website is a good tool to see who owns the domain and how long it has been registered on the internet.

Typically I like to purchase at websites that have been established for more than 1 year. As an example, I will provide you the public information for my site below.


Whois Server:

Updated Date: 11-oct-2012
Creation Date: 07-nov-2008
Expiration Date: 07-nov-2013

As you can see above. My domain registrar is Godaddy, and I created or brought the domain in: 2008. It is still currently active. The domain is a mature domain that has been in existent for about 4 years now.

I really like because I can pin point how old the domain is, and who purchased the domain as well. The information that I pointed out is just sample data taken from As, I mentioned it is a good resource to have when you want to check on a domain.

Last, it is good practice to check out the domain. If you receive an unusual request for money, from a company you are not familiar with. Always try and verify by phone first that the request is real before sending money.

These are some very good ways on how you can protect yourself and your account from spam and phishing practices.

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