My Site Sucked Until I Did This One Web Design Thing

My Site Sucked Until I Did This One Web Design Thing

In you want to start a business or run a successful one. You only get one in a life time chance to make a great first impression. Your website is not so different as you may think. When a customer come to your website. The customer must have a clear idea about who you are, and what kind of services or products you provide.

Online statistics now show that most start up and active small-business websites lacks the most basic website fundamentals, which puts them in a position of losing their online customer.

My Site Sucked Until I Did This One Web Design Thing

A professional relationship must be first formed between the business and customer. This bond is based on trust. Your website consumer-friendly. It is essential that you start out with these five things. Make sure the customer can locate them on the front page of your business website.

My Site Sucked Until I Did This One Thing
1. Business Contact information: During a recent survey 83 percent of small-business websites forget to include an email link on their front page or homepage. Often time, there is no phone number on the website either.

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At least your website should have an email link and a contact telephone number. For business that have a physical establishment, consider using the full address followed by state and postal code, and it does not hurt to try and embed a Google map and adding directions, to your store.

2. Images, pictures and Graphics also tell a story about your business: If you sell oil paintings, the home page of your online site should have a picture of one of your paintings. This may sound crazy, but many online business fail, because the content or graphics on the website is not relevant to what the business is selling. Using any type of graphics such as shooting stars, snowflakes, and family photos, does not give your business a professional appearance. Also, having no graphics at all, is a bad idea.

You want to be careful and observant on how and where you place the images on the page. You want to make sure their your graphics are not animated. Be sure they do not shake, wiggle or spin. Your customer will be distracted and will find this sort of web design irritating. However, you may have others who may find it funny and amusing.

A useful resource that I like to use often, is Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster tools help find 404 errors. If you encounter a 404 error. This means that the page you are looking for does not exist. Typically, broken or bad links will prevent shoppers from completing their online orders. If you have a broken or bad link. The customer may think you do not care for your business.

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4. A signup box to collect email: One way to help promote customer loyalty is to start up a newsletter. Put a signup box on the home page of your website and offer customer incentives or rewards. A customer loves when they can get a special discount code on a future order. You want to look into setting up a Aweber account. Create a mailing list. Reward your customers who provide their name and email address. Stay in contact with them, by creating newsletters.

5. Social media network links: If you notice, I have added a few social media links on the left hand column of my web blog. The most common social networks that I am affiliated with are: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest . These are the four most famous and recognizable social networks. A RSS Feed is another great way to deliver updated information to your readers.

I hope you have enjoyed yet another article! Be creative, successful and stay motivated! Enjoy!

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