Can you make money with Amazon? Yes, you can make money with Amazon affiliate program! The Amazon Affiliate Program is very easy to join. You first must have an operational website, before you can sign up to use their service.

Making money with amazon affiliate allows you to generate extra income a month. Thousands, of website owners have jumped on the bandwagon, and monetized their website to include amazon ads, amazon links and amazon astores.

Amazon first launched its’ affiliate program in 1996. The company came up with a unique, and dynamic concept, to help individuals, and business owners to sell, advertise and promote products.

I have outlined in this article some helpful information, for those who are looking to participate and make money with Amazon.

Does it cost anything to become an Associate?

No there are no cost or fees, to set up your own Amazon Affiliate account. It is very easy to participate in the Amazon Partnership Program. There is no hidden charges to apply, and there is no minimum referral requirement or quota that you have to reach before earning referral fees with their program. You can start to earn money right away.

Amazon works on a commission type payment system. The payout is 15% per sale generated on most sales.

How does Amazon track the referrals earned through the affiliate program

The Amazon referral program allows you to have your own personal affiliate link. This special link is assigned to you. Whenever, you use embed your text or banner link into a web site. The affiliate link uses an unique tracking script. In the tracking script has your special affiliate identification number. Whenever, a user clicks on your affiliate tracking link and makes a purchase, then Amazon will pay out to you, a small percentage of the sale.

To get started. All you need to do is complete their online business application, and then agree to their terms of services. Someone, from Amazon will review the application, and you will receive a response, once your application is approved. It’s that easy!