How to transfer files using FTP program

How to transfer files using FTP program

How to transfer files using FTP Program

There are many ways you can transfer files from your local machine to the internet. You just need to find the right ftp program that suits your needs. Most web users or web designers like to use a program called: File Zilla. File Zilla is a file transfer program, that will allow you to connect to your local web hosting server, and then you can upload or download any website file. I have created a short video on how you can upload files to your service.

Step by Step Instructions on how to transfer files using FTP program

Step 1. Be prepared to have the file on your local machine. You must make sure that the web file is easily accessible. Often, times you can make sure that a copy of the file is sitting on your desktop. That way, you can find it quicker.

Step 2. Choose a FTP program. You must make sure that you use a software that allows you to transfer multiple web files.

Step 3. Connect to your FTP program using the log in credentials from your web hosting provider.

Step 4. Locate the web files or web file you wish to upload to your server. Typically, once you press the upload option, the files will be copied directly from your computer to the internet.

Step 5. Last, you want to make sure, that your domain name is setup properly to receive the files that you just uploaded. If everything is setup correctly, you can now open a new window or web browser and type in your web domain name and then you should see the new file or new website you just uploaded.

If you would like further instructions. I have created a short video tutorial that will help guide you in transferring or moving files to the web.

To learn more how to use File Zilla, and how to transport your web files, you first need to know how to connect to your local web hosting server. I have created a short video lesson for you. Please watch and review the video tutorial: How to Connect using File Zilla

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