How to make money with a website or blog

How to make money with a website or blog

How to make money with a website or blog

Do you really want to earn money from your website or blog? Like most individuals who start out on the internet. Often times, may not have a clue on how to earn money online? Are you serious in earning money? If so, then this article is especially for you. The secret to making money with a website or blog is very simple.

Millions of people are earning money daily with a website or blog. They use different online sources to make money. One of them is making money with a website or blog. First of All, I wanna say that earning money through internet can take a little bit of work, dedication and thought on your part.

You should work out a plan of action to achieve your dream. If it is part of your desire to want to make money with a website or blog. This article will explain how to earn money in different ways. The methods are legal, we don’t share useless information with our readers.

If you are really serious about earning income online. You have to become a dedicated learner. You will make income from these methods in which we will mention. We will not say you will become the next millionaire from our earning advice. However, know that our advice will help you to make a few dollars, or even have the potential to make $1000’s of dollars each month.

Here is what we have for you:

PPC advertising Networks:
PPC (also called cost per click) is an advertisement service which allows an advertiser to advertise a website or blog for direct traffic, through another persons website. Advertisers should pay the publisher whenever the ad is clicked. One of the most popular earning methods among web masters is to make money through PPC advertising Networks. How you will make money through PPC advertising Networks? Some major PPC advertising networks are:

  • Google Adsense
  • Infolinks
  • Media Net,
  • Bidvertiser
  • Chitika
  • Clicksor
  • Vibrant Media

but Google Adsense is the most popular option among this category. You should sign up under Google’s website and wait until they approved your account.

Whenever your account is approved by Google. You can copy/paste the Google ad code to your website. You will earn a certain amount of money for every click.

The profitability of PPC advertising depends on the number of traffic your website generates. The more visitors you will receive from search engines or from other sources, the more profit you will make. Traffic to your website should be real human traffic and not bot traffic, otherwise your Google account will be banned.

• Affiliate Marking:
Affiliate marketing is one of the popular methods of earning income among website owners and bloggers. If your website generates a great numbers of traffic then affiliate marketing can be another way of earning money online.

So, What should I do and How Do I get Started in Affiliate Marketing
You should promote a product or service. You can promote whatever you like. Whenever someone buy your product, you will get specific commission from that advertiser. For example, a company wants to sell his/her product and he needs a buyer for the product. A marketer will promote the company’s product and will try to promote and sell it to a buyer.

There are two ways to earn which are given below.

o You should sell your product through Affiliate marketing. For example, you are a writer and want to sell your book then sell it through Affiliate marketing for making money.

o You should promote a product for selling. When you sell it, you get a sales commission from the product sold.

• Direct Banner Advertising:
It’s also one of the most popular and famous method of making money. Here, you should sell your own advertising space on your website. If your website generates thousands of traffic then everyone wish to advertise through your website. The most popular banner size are 728×90 leader board banners, 120×60 skycraper banners, 125×125 buttons and 300×250 rectangles.

• Premium Content:
Some websites charge specific amount of money for their users to access to the premium contents. If your website offers free content for reading then create a premium option with great content. SEOmoz is a great example. It has very useful and interesting information regarding SEO. Whenever a visitor wants to become premium member then it costs $48 monthly and it allow him/her to access on advanced tools.


Hope you enjoyed reading: “How to make money with a website or blog” and be sure to check out our other related articles. I hope you have enjoyed yet another article! Be creative, successful and stay motivated! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and stay upto date. Enjoy!

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