Why does Google Say I Need a Sitemap

Why does Google Say I Need a Sitemap

Why does Google Say I Need a Sitemap

A sitemap, is dedicated to one specific website. A Google Sitemap Send SMS Text Messages for your Business list every pages that is defined in the website. It is usually utilized as a simple navigable arrangement of links that may bring you to the exact page you are interested in finding. This could be a handy shortcut to discovering a particular web page within a larger web site. Locating and viewing the sitemap can be another good way in order to save time for those who have an exact idea of what page you are interested in.

What will be the advantages to creating a Google Sitemap?

Apart from making it easy for your readers to navigate their way around your website. A Google Sitemap is easy for search engine spiders crawl your website. Once they crawl your website. You will find your website or WordPress blog listed in the search results. This can tremendously improve your website search engine optimization by making sure that all the pages are available. This will improve your search engine visibility, as well as your traffic. Since most search engines is only going to follow a finite amount of links from a page, developing a Google Sitemap ensures that search engines like Yahoo and visitors alike can access any specific content on your website.

Why do you really need a Google Sitemap?

A Google Sitemap is important and should be applied when, or if you happen to be expecting your web site traffic grow. With that being said — a sitemap ought to created, if you want to expect your blog to produce income in the near future. If you construct your Google Sitemap correctly, it should provide:

  •  The search engines with a ready available resource to higher understanding the structure of your web site, which in turns, helps them to improve how to categorize and index your pages into their database.
  • The more pages that Google gets to index, the better the chances more visitors will quickly realize your website.

Create Successful Website Bog Free using Google Sitemap


When to Use it

A Google Sitemap is a necessity, if you have a website greater than 100 pages. If it is a single page website, then there is no need to generate Google Sitemap. However, if you know your WordPress blog is going to cultivate to have at least 100 pages or more, you should construct an organized sitemap that will burrow as a result of all levels of your website. Many claim that if your web site is planning to be fewer than 100 pages you can be more liberal with your sitemap organization.

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However, my thought is straightforward: exactly why do it twice, commence with organization and turn into focused, as your site grows. After all, anything which will help your prospective customers as well as the search engines like Google navigate your site is a good thing, right? As to the sitemap that could be created for the search engine spiders, it ought to be placed in the root directory of your web server.

So where can I obtain a sitemap?

First of most, you must check to see if your website already has built in sitemap feature. If after checking you discover that you don’t have a a sitemap feature, then the easiest way to create the Google Sitemap is with XML Sitemap Generator. Search engines usually discover your website pages, after they crawl your website. However, you can speed up the process by making sure you have a Google Sitemap already in place. A sitemap is crucial in getting your site indexed rapidly, and it keeps the search engines updated whenever you have fresh and new content for your reader.

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