Del the Mad Blogger Update Episode #1 – YouTube Scars

Del the Mad Blogger Update Episode #1 – YouTube Scars

Del the Mad Blogger Update Episode #1

We all heard the famous motto: “There is a method to my madness.”  Mojo Download WordPress Themes Free Well today, I just wanted  to give all my readers a little update on what is in the works for I know that most of my loyal readers visit my money making blog everyday and you may not see “The Latest Post” of the day.

Please do not be alarm. I am working on uploading all of my videos that were once on YouTube to my personal blog here at  I have been personally getting the “How to Video Portal”  together for all my new readers and older followers who once subscribed to my Youtube Channel.

As I reminisce and walk down memory lane for a minute or two. I often times think about those times when I talked about my old YouTube scars. Back in the day YouTube was a hot commodity, for online video marketing.

Old wounds do hurt. YouTube scars run deep. They have screwed me over back in 2012. I guess, I never quite recovered fully.  I lost many followers in the early part of 2013. I actually wrote a couple articles on my blog and how YouTube totally “DID NOT GIVE A BLEEP BLEEP!

I was able to locate one article and there’s another one on here somewhere. If you want to know what I wrote.  You can read one of my articles here!- The Good vs Bad Effects of Youtube

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I ended up writing a letter to YouTube and I posted the response here on my blog as to what their reply was. I am not able to find this post, but I still have the email in box and I will dig it up and some point and repost the email again….”taking a deep breath…..woooo saaaahhhh’.

So, I didn’t record many videos that year. I left my Money Making Blog and almost thought about closing up shop. My blog was left unintended for almost a year. However, I am back now with a vengeance and restructuring my online business, to generate even more cash flows for my pocket.

I know I have quite a few videos scattered through-out my WordPress blog. I have been trying to remove the old YouTube videos myself. However, if you come across an old post that has a YouTube video on it and it does not play. You can send me a message and I will replace the old YouTube Video with a new video.

If you are one of the few who have noticed an extra tab on my home page called: “Video Portal“, then I know you are waiting in anticipation to see what educational, inspiration and informational videos we have uploaded.

Currently, I am adding about 200 videos to the How to Video Portal. So please be patient with me.

Let me changes my direction for a little bit. I wanted to share one o my FUN FACTS with you guys today!

    Fun Facts by Del

Did you know this Fun Fact?  China invented the first pair of Sunglasses in History on:  July 1st, 1200.  Hooray for China! They always seem to be the innovators of technology. Those guys are always creative….

Words Most Expensive Sunglasses

The Most Expensive Pair of Sunglasses in the World: $408,000

created by: Chopard’s De Rigo Vision, the Swiss Luxury House.

These brilliant cut diamond sunglasses are laced in 60 grams of 24 carat gold. They are made out of colored glass powder. If you look closely around the ear. You will find a golden carpet pattern handle laid out in a zig zag like appearance. 

When the sun is shinning and the sun rays bounces of your glasses, you will be dazzled by the magnificent of these sunglasses .

These high-end exclusive sunglasses are expensive. The Chopard sunglasses made it deput around March 2012 and are located in a Paris Gallery in Dubai. Many tourists and fashonists are drooling over these mouth watering, ‘GOT TO HAVE IT”  glasses.

I know I am in awe of these glasses as well. They are simply gorgeous! However, I am planning a trip to Dubai in the future and I will be sure to take photos for all my readers and adoring family and friends.

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Well that’s all the updates, I have for now. Hope you enjoyed reading: Del the Mad Blogger Update Episode #1 – YouTube Scars. Please feel free to sign up for our upcoming newsletter if you want to stay up to date with Money Making ideas for your Blog.

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